What initiatives has Google implemented to foster greater workplace diversity?

Google has long been committed to fostering a workplace that is inclusive and diverse. Throughout the years, the tech giant has rolled out a number of initiatives to help promote these values. Here are some of the prominent ones:

Googler Resource Groups: Google has set up numerous employee resource groups (or ERGs), which are made up of Googlers from all backgrounds who come together to discuss issues relating to particular demographics. For instance, the Asian ERG offers a space to discuss Asian identity, while the Black Googlers Network provides a platform to discuss Black culture. These ERGs not only provide support for Googlers, but also help to inform the company's policies and initiatives.

Unconscious Bias Trainings: These trainings are meant to help Google's employees identify, understand, and address their unconscious biases. These trainings focus on teaching people about the different types of unconscious biases that exist, as well as providing tips on how to counteract them. Through this initiative, Google hopes to create an environment where everyone's talents and ideas are appreciated by their coworkers.

Board Committees: Google has committees on its boards that are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion. These committees are responsible for coming up with new initiatives and policies that are meant to help Google create a work environment that is inclusive of everyone. They also work to ensure that Google is held accountable for its actions when it comes to diversity and inclusivity.

Google has put in numerous efforts to create a workplace that is equitable and diverse. Through initiatives like these, the company strives to create an environment where everyone feels respected and heard. With these initiatives, Google has been able to make great strides in its mission to promote diversity and inclusion.

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